Hemp Massage Oil Blend – All in One, Face Cleanser, Moisturiser & Massage

Natural smoothing oils to nourish, heal and protect all skin types with a soft, gentle fragrance. 250ml

Hemp Oil Blend – All in One – Face Cleanser – Moisturize face & body – Massage face & body


Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil & Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil,
Frankincense Essential Oil Therapeutic Grade
Palmarosa Certified Organic Essential Oil Therapeutic Grade

Hemp seed oil is my new number one favourite oil. It has a comedogenic rating of 0 which means it is safe to use on acne prone skin and will not clog your pores. It will help to balance out your excess sebum.  When linoleic acid is not available in the skin the sebaceous glands produce sebum with oleic acid. This dry and firm sebum can then easily become stuck and form blackheads and whiteheads. Hemp seed oil contains a perfect ratio of EFA’s and provides our skin with the much needed linoleic acid if it is lacking.

How to use these oils for cleansing & moisturising
Easy as!  Start by rinsing your face and neck with warm water. Then pour a small amount of the oil into the palm of your hand. Gently apply to face and neck.  You may wish to spend extra time massaging oils on into your skin.

Second step:  Rinse the oil off with warm water. You’ll find that some oil will remain on your skin and that’s okay. If you wish to exfoliate, now is the time to do that. Note that I often cleanse again with the oil after I’ve exfoliated.

Finally, pat your face and neck with a towel to dry. Most of the oil residue will come off with the towel. If your skin is feeling in any way dry or tight, then apply more of the oil. The hemp seed oil seems to have a way of soaking beautifully into the skin after five minutes or so.

How often do you cleanse this way?
Cleanse and moisturise as often or as little as you need – there are no rules.

What about removing makeup?
If you wear just a little bit of mineral foundation then you may find this method is enough to get your makeup off. If however you feel that it doesn’t, or you’re wearing a good amount of makeup, then either cleanse twice and/or use a natural face wash cloth with the oil to properly get the makeup off.